Alliance Guild: Inquisition

If you are looking for a guild, guild members or leveling partners among the Alliance, this is a good place to find them.
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Alliance Guild: Inquisition

#1 » Post by Sale » 06 Jan 2014 17:46

Hello there interested,

Inquisition is a guild that came to Truewow from Bloodcraft, with a lot of still active players untill today. Up till now, quite a lot of players have joined, some have left and some have stayed. Being a guild with more than 70 active players, me and others are trying to keep Inquisition the kind of guild, in which every person with the right set of mind can play. We are a community first and foremost and a guild second.

We state Inquistion as the social raiding experience;

1) Learning and organisation is our focus in raiding
2) Fun within the guild itself with respect to others
3) Rank system within the guild is targetted towards raiding, but it does not give you any duties to fulfil
4) Most of the runs with this guild are guild runs, being all people from the guild itself
5) We progress as a guild, as it is reworked in our looting rules (which can be found on our website); gear that drops is divided over the raid from beginning to ending


You will automatically start of as a Disciple, which you will be for a month to prove your worthiness. After one month, you will automatically be promoted to Zealot, our standard member rank. Based upon your raid performance, activity and social adaptation, you have the opportunity to become an Executioner (veteran role).

Other roles are;

- Jury (which is the alt rank for our Zealots)
- Judge (representing officer of Inquisition)
- Inquisitor (GM)


A lot of information can be found on our website (going from tactics who'm still have to be completed to looting rules or to class guides). Once joined the guild, you will get the ability to retrieve this information.

We have quite regular standard raiding runs, which happen most of the time in the evening of the server time:

* Wednesday ~ 8pm (20h00) svt: ICC 25 HC (progression run - with updates: PP and LK unkilled)
* Thursday: chance of clearing run for ICC 10 HC / 10 normal ICC runs
* Friday ~ 7.30pm (19h30) svt: ICC 25 N (LK run)
* Saturday ~ 8pm (20h00) svt: TOC 25 HC
* Sunday ~ 7.30pm (19h30) svt: ICC 25 HC (gearing run, 'easy' bosses)
* Monday/Tuesday: continuation ICC 10 HC (LK unkilled), 10 man runs


Joining Inquisition is relatively simple, ask (for) any veteran/officer or me to invite you to the guild, extra information can or will be provided afterwards.

*Due to some problems with people signing with an in guild toon for an outguild toon (mainly MDPS), mdps spots will be reserved for in guild members. We are actively looking for any potential player, currently however MDPS are no longer accepted due to a high number of players filling the these spots already.


Inquisition is a name that comes from decentralized institutions with the soul purpose to fight against heretics. Many forms of the Inquisiton were lead by the Roman Catholic Church. Starting in 12th century France, to persecute heresy against God and Church, it later spread to other European countries. The Spanish Inquisition maybe being the more infamous of the bunch, and heavily quoted from its comedic lines in Monty Python. We are none of these things, we don't strive to persecute or fight agaisnt heretics, we loved the way the name sounded, and in proper fashion, we are a contradiction of our guild name in of itself...sometimes.

Come join us in Inquisition. Your burning torch and stake await you!

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Re: Alliance Guild: Inquisition

#2 » Post by marko1984 » 06 Jan 2014 18:08

If i was ally i would join :)
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