Eighth Deadliest Sin is now R E C R U I T I N G!

If you are looking for a guild, guild members or leveling partners among the Alliance, this is a good place to find them.
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Eighth Deadliest Sin is now R E C R U I T I N G!

#1 » Post by Clairvoyance » 25 Jul 2014 00:01

<Eighth Deadliest Sin> is now recruiting new members! We are currently a leveling/raiding guild, hoping to add in PvP in the upcoming future (but please keep in mind this is still a work in progress). For those who are curious, I've included some more valuable information about our guild below.

What do we expect as a guild?
We are a guild who believes that friendship, honesty, generosity, respect and reliability is key to success! We want everyone in this guild to be happy and satisfied, and overall we want you to have as much fun as possible! This guild should be a pleasant and enjoyable experience for you, and we refuse to let this guild run in any other way than fun and happiness. In order to achieve this kind of a guild atmosphere, all our members need to be generous to one another, offer help to one another, even if it is not needed, opt out of that need roll if someone else needs it more than you do. Give what you can give, take what is offered, but don't take advantage of those who give! Be friendly, join in the conversations that take place in guild chat, make friends, and show everyone how your friendly personalities can shine whether they are in our outside of the guild! Be honest with one another, everyone knows that a little white lie is fine here and there, but you also know the difference between wrong from right, we are trusting you to follow your better judgement. Be on time, we don't want to have to exclude any of our guild members from any guild events, raids, dungeon runs, etc. So please be on time for guild events, don't hold up your friends! Most of all, follow all of the rules, because this will entitle you to the best experience with our guild, not just for you, but for everyone!
What does this guild do?
We provide quest help, whether it is from the GM, an Officer, or a guild member! We provide free professions, meaning if you need something from a profession, as long as you are a guild member asking another guild member for something from their profession, you can gain the items free of charge (however it's generous but not required to give a tip)! We raid every weekend, and have accomplished doing so stress free and having lots of fun! We also scheduled dungeon runs, where you will have a leader group up all the players by level range, and send them through Random Dungeon Finder, or Random Heroic Finder. We do guild events, this way our members have a chance to win items, gold, and do so in a fun way! Teamspeak/Mumble servers are available to all our guild members!
What do we provide our members?

• Scheduled
- RDF group runs
- RHC group runs
- 10man raids
- 25man raids

• Other
- Quest Help
- Guild Events (IE: Guild lottery, trivia games, etc)
- Teamspeak & Mumble
- Guild Website (Which includes gaming guides & tips, guild rules & announcements, FAQ's, raid core member list, blacklist and more)
- Free Professions (You don't have to pay if you need something from a guild member)
- Guild bank with all tabs

How do our members act?

• Family
- Helpful
- Generous
- Loyal
- Active
- Fun
- Friendly
- Drama free

When do we schedule raids, dungeon runs, and events?

• Raids
- Friday, Saturday, Sunday between 7pm - 10pm server time, varies by day and member activity peaks.

• Dungeon Runs
- 24/7, may vary by member activity peaks.

• Guild Events
- Random times throughout the week.

Who should be contacted for more information or invite?

• Guild Master
- Clairvoyant

• Partner Guild Master
- Ashalin
- Firewood

• Officers
- Kyanos
- Manslaughter
- Alfdis
- Moky
- Bestiarius
- Rawry

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Re: Eighth Deadliest Sin is now R E C R U I T I N G!

#2 » Post by tomylbdp » 03 Sep 2014 04:45

I'll ask someone to add me if u can, i made a new char and im looking foward to raids etc nelf hunter called centrius anyway i'll whisper any of u guys

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