Inquisition Recruitment (PvE)

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Inquisition Recruitment (PvE)

#1 » Post by mcheka » 24 Apr 2016 02:51

Hi all!

Inquisition is first and foremost social guild, and anyone with the right mindset and attitude is welcome to join regardless of level, class/spec, or in-game interest (whether it be PvE, PvP, roleplaying, achievements, or just making new friends and hanging out with great people). You can see a more detailed post about this by Dje, a former guild leader, in this thread.

However, the guild has quite a strong raiding focus, and this recruitment post is aimed especially with our top raids in mind. At the time of this writing, we have 3x ICC 25HC runs per week -- the first consistently killing Lich King 25 in heroic mode, the second sometimes killing Lich King, and the third serving as a gearing run (which still typically clears 10-11 of the 12 bosses). In addition, we have 2x RS 25HC per week, a regular ToC 25HC (usually Insanity), an ICC 25N, 1-2 RS25N, and even an Ulduar 25 or other "fun" or achievement run.

We pride ourselves on being a very progressive guild. We are constantly updating and improving our tactics, teamwork, and individual skill. We pay great attention to raid composition and class synergy, and value diversity in classes and specs. We encourage this forward-thinking mentality in all our raiders, and value adaptability and an excitement to improve even when it means changing a working tactic that we've used for a long time. We emphasize raid awareness and playing for the team over topping damage meters -- we don't care that you did an extra 500 DPS, but we do care that you as a DPS player noticed the raid member in the back dying from Infest and used Lay on Hands on them.

We use a DKP-based loot distribution system (and a roll-based system in our non-heroic and gearing heroic runs) and our scheduled 25-man raid times are at 19:00 server time. Members can expect to start winning items right away, while the absolutely top items (e.g. RS 25HC items) typically take on the order of a few weeks to 2 months to farm a competitive amount of DKP to win them. We use Mumble for voice chat, and it is required for scheduled guild raids. You do not need a microphone -- just listening to the raid leader is enough.

Finally, we have a very relaxed and friendly raid atmosphere and greatly appreciate members who are social and interactive, joking around and talking in-game and on voice chat. Often, even our hardcore "main" 25 HC runs are filled with a constant stream of joking around and talking (with a little less talking during boss encounters, of course). Ultimately, the most important goal of our raids is to have fun, and we see raiding as a great way to spend some of our free time in good company, with fun and interesting people -- with friends -- who all enjoy playing same game.

We currently have an overall very well-rounded class/spec setup for our raids, and raiders of of any class/spec may find a home in our guild (really -- as I was making the below list, it was hard to narrow down to our highest-priority specs, after initially listing 14 specs).

However, we are currently especially seeking the following classes/specs:

A well-geared (6k+) Demonology or Affliction Warlock.
A very well-geared (6,1k+) Balance Druid.
A very well-geared (6,1k+) Feral Druid (Cat).
A very well-geared (6,1k+) Elemental or Enhancement Shaman comfortable with every aspect of the class/spec -- interrupting, kiting, swapping totems to ones appropriate for the situation, and so forth.

Here is an example video of the type of teamwork we promote, and the excellence we strive for in our PvE encounters (video courtesy of the current guild leader Bangarang):


Interested players can speak with an officer (anyone with Judge/Judge Alt rank) in-game or register on our website: to get an invite.

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