LFM for leveling through dungeons 1-80

If you are looking for a guild, guild members or leveling partners among the Alliance, this is a good place to find them.
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LFM for leveling through dungeons 1-80

#1 » Post by Venomizer » 20 Dec 2011 19:21

Hello guys, I am gonna roll a paladin/druid starting from the day after Christmas and will be playing hardcore to reach 80 asap. I am looking for people who wanna level up their alts exclusively through dungeons though questing here and there to fill gaps in levels is okay. I am looking to learn tanking as a pally or druid from the basics as I have never played those roles before. So, I am looking to fill spots for a healer and 2-3 dps any class. Above all, I am looking for people who I can have fun playing with rather than skill in game. Interested people, please reply here. See you in-game soon.

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Re: LFM for leveling through dungeons 1-80

#2 » Post by Intervention » 21 Dec 2011 09:58

/join LFG to increase your chances :)
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Re: LFM for leveling through dungeons 1-80

#3 » Post by Tuma » 29 Dec 2012 15:49

Keep an eye on /World and advertise! Eventually you will get a team together. However, I don't think you will get long term commitment from any mates you find because they will most likely have a schedule of their own. Dungeon leveling in Spermik took ages, but it does guarantee better gear imo ...

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Re: LFM for leveling through dungeons 1-80

#4 » Post by Arockalypse » 29 Dec 2012 16:32

Tuma, that post is a year old
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Re: LFM for leveling through dungeons 1-80

#5 » Post by Myaoming » 29 Dec 2012 17:16

Tell that to Rag :P
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