Guild: The Corleone

If you are looking for a guild, guild members or leveling partners among the Alliance, this is a good place to find them.
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Guild: The Corleone

#1 » Post by Alexandros » 03 Jul 2012 06:45

The Corleone: Family File

We are The Corleone, a family that cares for each of its members. We will help anyone from our family that needs us, and we will do it gladly. We do not pretend to be the guild where you're only there to get in raids, no. We pretend to be the family that grows together in a friendly, helpful, and always caring way.

We are currently a growing leveling guild, but eventually we'll become a raiding guild when we have enough members with characters above level 60. Yes, we wont be one of those guilds focused on ICC and that only remembers other raids when you need a weekly quest.

You want to go to a vanilla raid just because you want a nice looking piece of gear? Sure, we'll go and get it together.

You want to go to a TBC raid or dungeon just because you've never been there? We're your guys!

Are you bored and you even want to talk about the stupidest things? Bring it on! We love to laugh.

We are not interested in being one of the "pro" guilds of the server. At least not yet :twisted:
We just want to have fun and be in a warm environment while we do so ;)


Expected Behaviour:

If you want to be member of our family there are a few things you have to know. Judge yourself according to them to know if you're suitable for us.

- :!: You wont insult or judge someone because you disagree with him/her. Opinions are just opinions after all. The truth is relative, then no one owns it.

- :!: You wont demand us anything, you're not more important than any other member. Everyone gets the same chances. Ranks are only levels of trust that the Godfather has towards you.

- :!: You will be an active participant in our family. We take that very seriously. If you're in the "Novellino" rank and you dissapear for more than a week without prior notice, consider yourself out of the family. It also counts if you talk with no one, if you don't participate in guild events (dungeons, raids, etc.) and if you don't contribuite with our guild vault. Though in those cases you'll be warned.

- :!: You wont give up on trying in case a guild event fails (dungeon or raids). We will keep trying aslong as we have time for it. Rage quits will definitely have a strong repercussion in what the other members of the family think of you. No one borns knowing everything about this game, and we will teach to those who need it so we overpass those obstacles together, as a family.

If you think you can meet all those expectations, sure, whisper me in-game to invite you to our guild. If i'm not online you can ask to anyone from our family that has a Soldier rank or above.



To succeed and rise positions in our family all you have to do is to be active, to participate in guild events, to contribuite with anything you can, and to not be a douchebag. It seems easy, but trust is a very important factor, so pay attention to that. It is not easy to be promoted beyond the "Soldier" rank. You'll be rewarded according to your efforts towards the family.

> Don (Guild Master): Flexall.

-> Consigliere: (Vacancy - Level 80 requirement).
There will be only one consigliere, he/she will be like the second guild master. It requires 100% of trust from the Godfather.

--> Underboss: (Level 70+ requirement)
Raid leaders. The most active members. They have shown their dedication to the guild and are interested in keep helping others to gear up by leading raids, parties to dungeons, etc.

---> Capo: (Level 40+ requirement, unless it is a founder member)
For very active members and guild founders. With insights to the Underboss rank. They are interested in becomming raid leaders and/or are active in guild events.

----> Soldato:
The first stable rank. It means that the person has been trully wellcomed to the family. It requires an initiation that consists in a picture that takes place in the Stormwind Cathedral, the person is kneeling before the Godfather (I'm not joking, seriously).

-----> Associate:
Not quite a member of the family yet. He/She has showed some real interest in our guild.

------> Novellino:
Test period for new members. Will recieve no material help at all. This rank pretends to test the real interest that the new member has towards our guild. Activity and participation is crucial in this rank, otherwise the person is risking to be kicked out of the guild. Any Novellino that lasts more than 2 weeks in the same rank will be kicked out.

If you care about us, we wll care about you, it as simple as that.

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Re: Guild: The Corleone

#2 » Post by Alexandros » 03 Jul 2012 06:46

The Corleone: Hall Of Honor

Founding Members:

> Myranda - Vandra - Icerus - Nathankeller - Mathaias - Holierthntho - Antoine - Hofma - Alexandros <


Family Pictures:

FIrst members in being welcomed to the family as Soldatos: Group with the Godfather


Lillea - Thary - Rover - Muadib - Flexall - Movingtarget - Aphextwin - Qrac - Rogash

First member in reaching level 80: No one yet, hurry! ;)


Currently most outstanding member: Rover

More to come...
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Re: Guild: The Corleone

#3 » Post by Alexandros » 08 Jul 2012 19:17

The Corleone: Agenda


- As of 14/07/2012 a lotery was done to encourage our family members to level up their profession skills while leveling, instead of doing it once they hit level 80. The condition was to have both of their profession skills above 200 points.

Prices and winners:

1st = 200g Rover
2nd = 100g Dragneel
3rd = 50g Vandra

Note: As only 2 participants made the condition, the 3rd price was rolled by me between all our members above the Novellino rank (that don't have an 80 alt). In result, Vandra got a roll of 98 making it the 3rd winner. Hopefully this wont be needed again.


- As of 16/07/2012 a trivia was done to encourage the activity of our members.

Event planner: Movingtarget (GhostFox)

Prices and winners:

1st = 30g Larius
2nd = 15g Rogash - Flazlem
3rd = 15g Rogash - Flazlem

Note: There was a tie between Rogash and Flazlem, so the 2nd and 3rd places couldn't be decided. At the end both of them earned 15g in contrast of the initial plan: 1st 30g, 2nd 20g, 3rd 10g.

This event earned Movingtarget his promotion to Soldato


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Re: Guild: The Corleone

#4 » Post by Alexandros » 17 Jul 2012 02:56

New event happened in Agenda.

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Re: Guild: The Corleone

#5 » Post by Chillout » 17 Jul 2012 03:13

Thank you Alex, and gratz to the winners of both events that had gone off these last two weeks.

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