A New, Friendly, Guild: The Luna. Newcomers Welcome!

If you are looking for a guild, guild members or leveling partners among the Alliance, this is a good place to find them.
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A New, Friendly, Guild: The Luna. Newcomers Welcome!

#1 » Post by Grismantel » 29 Oct 2012 11:23


If you read this, i assume it's because you search a good, active, nice guild and would like to know where you go before you join us.

So let it be simple.

Here is What We Are NOT !

- We are NOT a big raiding guild. That doesn't mean no one amongst us raid, it means we do not (yet) organize full raids. So, don't expect 3 raids a week, help to gear your characters raid-wise etc...That also means we don't have a very rigid hierarchy strictly enforced. It's not chaos either. Everyone is pretty self-responsible and friendly, and that's what we expect of each other.

- We are NOT a big pvp guild. A lot of us do pvp on a daily basis, and some do it with guildies, but it's let to the players good will.

- We will not power level or gear or donate thousand of gold to anyone. We assume everyone is pretty self sufficient, and here to play the game as a blizzlike one.

So, you know what we are not. What do we offer then?

- We are a very social / friendly guild. When someone needs a (reasonable) help, there are good chances a fellow guildy will see what he/she can do. Don't expect your comrades to rush to you for a dungeon or anything. When i mean help, i mean help, not doing the things for you.

- There are a lot of people from a good level range, low, medium and some high too. That means you can organize groups, dungeon runs etc...with people of your level.

- The guild chat is pretty active. People are joking, chatting, helping each other, and that's our primary goal. We want our members to play in a good mood, with people to speak too, to not feel alone when questing or farming or anything. That does not mean you will be forced to chat or anything, just that the guild is and feel alive most of the time.

- There are people from all around the world, but mostly from Europe. That means you can expect a lot of people (10, 15+) on west european hours and some people outside these hours. We speak english.

- We want this guild to be open to anyone, and we will fiercely ban without any remorse anyone being racist, sexist, homophobic, insulting or intolerant.

- We do a bit of RP sometimes, so don't be surprised ;-).

If you want to speak to us, you can leave a mail ingame, on the forum, or /whisper any member of the guild ;), like me ("Grismantel", or "Brume").

Have a good WoW experience and see you soon on Azeroth!


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