Guild: Wolves and Dragons

If you are looking for a guild, guild members or leveling partners among the Alliance, this is a good place to find them.
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Guild: Wolves and Dragons

#1 » Post by Thor_serbia » 25 Feb 2013 10:35

The cold Northern Moon rises and a Wolf howls it's welcoming wail. But it is a Dragon that answered it's call, not with a howl, but with a roar and fiery breath. The two circled each other, looking for a weakness, yet found none. They bared their teeth at each other and snapped and feigned, all in an attempt to throw off the other... yet none succeeded. A bite was met with a claw, a fire-breath met with a dodge, a rake answered with a side-step... Neither seemed to be able to gain upper hand.
The futile battle raged on for all of the long night, the forest looking on in silence. As they grew tired and weary, the sky opened up and the Legion rained upon their forest home. The Demons tried to catch them by surprise, but they made a grave mistake - for they both hated Demons, and a pact was made then and there. A pact that all Demons must be eliminated from Azeroth. They will form a Pack and stamp out the blemish from their forest... and beyond...


This Guild's purpose is helping it's members move up in World of Warcraft, through boosting, runs, items, resources and professions.
Short-term goals include helping it's members progress and forming alliances with other like-minded Guilds.
Long-term goals include doing Raids and high-end Dungeons together, as well as fielding strong Arena and Battlegrounds teams.
We are interested in story aspects of the game as much as in the gaming aspect, so we encourage members to experience as much content of the game as possible, even if it means level-locking for periods of time in order to get a better grasp on the game's story.
To prevent "ninja-looting" all new members start out as Whelps without access to the Guild Bank until proven.


Alpha Wolf: The leader of the Pack, Guild Leader's rank.
Dragon Queen: Second-in-Command with same rights as the Leader.
Direwolf/Dragonkin: Captains of the Guild, officers that have proven themselves time and again, trusted with most of the Guild privileges. Also, held by the alts of the Guild leadership pair.
Pack Warden: Lower Officer rank, sharing a smaller burden of Guild management and organization. Attained through dedication and commitment to the Guild.
Pack Member: Standard rank for members that have shown the will to stay with the Guild and help it grow and progress.
Pack Gladiator: Even though it's set lower than Pack Member, this rank is at least on par with it. This rank is reserved for the Guild's twinks and dedicated PvP players. NOTE: it's current settings are subject to change as we fiddle with them and try to find the right balance.
Whelp: New members start out as Whelps, with only the smallest rights. They are expected to get the feel of the Guild's dynamics as we all get to know each other. Be active and constructive and very soon you'll be promoted to Member or Gladiator, depending on your preference and goals.


Please contact Gatsu or Zhavrosa in-game via mail or whisper with any questions regarding the Guild.

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Re: Guild: Wolves and Dragons

#2 » Post by Mythilogic » 25 Feb 2013 16:17

I love your way to recrute guild members,
a big + from me!
(if you ever would need it) :P

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