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by Neizi
13 Feb 2014 01:16
Forum: Looking for Horde players (TrueWoW)
Topic: Critical Mass (Casual / Social)
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Re: Critical Mass (Casual / Social)

ooh this sounds lovely. not to convince my friend to make a horde char with me
by Neizi
13 Feb 2014 01:03
Forum: Looking for Horde players (TrueWoW)
Topic: Player looking for guild
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Player looking for guild

im an alli looking for a guild, but my form for alli isn't gonna get a response, so if i cant find one for alli and i can find one for horde, ill happily convert.(honestly whats the difference?) same as i said for alli, looking for a guild that has fun and isn't stat oriented.
by Neizi
13 Feb 2014 00:16
Forum: Looking for Alliance players (TrueWoW)
Topic: Low Lvl Hunter Lfg
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Low Lvl Hunter Lfg

i was in one guild but my friend left and i thought there wasn't any reason for me to stay, so im looking for a new guild for both of us. :roll: i don't want a buncha people only concerned about stats, i play this game to have fun.
by Neizi
27 Jan 2014 21:22
Forum: Archived General Discussions
Topic: Hey! new here...
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Hey! new here...

are there any broken quests i should know about or anything like that? and do people speak english here? o.o' i have nothing agenst other languages but its frustraiting when you think a quest is busted but you cant ask about it. i just moved from a server where nobody spoke the same language as me a...